1945 (Remake) – First Game Created Using GameMaker

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1945 (Remake) – First Game Created Using GameMaker

As you have read in my previous post (Basic Sprite Movement) a few months ago, I explained in that tutorial how you can make your sprite move across the game screen. Today, I will be showing you a game that I made using that tutorial. Its a remake of a popular classic game, a vertical scrolling game in which you will need to avoid bullets and planes while shooting them, 1945. I used the images from spritelib for the game sprite and for the sound loop and effects, I used the files resources folder that GameMaker provided.

In this game, you have a maximum of 3 lives which you can replenish once you get a Life powerup, there are several types of powerups and they are randomly generated so you can’t expect what and where it will show up. Each time an enemy bullet or enemy plane collides with your plane, your armor which is the yellow bar (refer to the screenshot below) decreases and when it goes empty you plane will explode and you will lose 1 life. There is no boss plane yet because I’m still planning on how it will be implemented and how it will react depending on the situation.

Although this game is only a version 1, I can guarantee you that you will enjoy playing 1945.

As for the installer, I used NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) to have it compiled and create an installer file. The software is free and you can download it here.

Here are the screenshots of 1945 (remake):

1945 remake

1945 Gameplay Video

You can download it for free here – 1945.

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  1. I remember my childhood days, I was crying back then just to buy a family
    computer to play this Game :D


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