Philippine Arena – World’s Largest Dome Arena

Philippine Arena is set to be the world’s largest domed arena by 2014. Iglesia Ni Cristo(Church of Christ) a Filipino Christian church signed a $175 million contract with Hanwha E&C(Engineering & Construction) Corp. on August 4, 2011 in a ceremony attended by Hanwha E&C officials including vice chairman Kim Hyun-chung and INC Executive Minister Eduardo V Manalo and many other guests to build several structures including the Philippine Arena. Having a 50,000 seating capacity and 36,000 square meters, Philippine Arena makes it to be the world’s largest domed arena. Continue reading “Philippine Arena – World’s Largest Dome Arena”

My Dream of a Disaster

Just a couple of hours ago I dreamt of a disaster, and to be honest this was the scariest of all the bad dreams I had. I did not woke up or stood up already from my bed because I’m trying to remember some clear details that I saw. After a couple of minutes doing just that, I stood up and went to the kitchen to drink something (water), and I came back to my room to open my computer to Continue reading “My Dream of a Disaster”

Hello world!

This is the start of my newest blog, Alvin Dimla [dot] Com. I encourage you to stay tune to this blog because I will be publishing interesting things about blogging, Tech, Business matters, anything that I might think or you can suggest a topic for me to blog by contacting me in the contact page of this blog Thanks you! favicon.ico
Continue reading “Hello world!”